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02.16.10 8 years ago 26 Comments

Keep it funky.

Wasn’t NOBODY mentioning Prynce a few months ago. Nope, not nary a one of these “leading bloggers,” the ones who make all the lists and such. But now, Kanye says “oooh, pay attention to this guy” and I see fuckboys trying to post his latest tape left and right? Oh word?


It’s really part of the reason why we’ve stopped trying to keep pace a long time ago and decided to branch out. I started realizing half of the people that claim to be or said to be in the lead were really running on a exercise wheel like hamsters and gerbils. And it’s the reason why I’ll always have more respect for those who take up the daily task of creating content based on original thought and the ones who show a little discretion in what they post while always smirking @ those who simply throw up a link to whatever lands in their inbox and the carbon copy sites that pop-up following that blueprint. For one, use a filter. Two, do your own thing.

Even more, you wouldn’t have to wait on Kanye to deem a new artist worthy if you took the time to actually check for them. It’s why I still say Atlanta’s more than just the trap. The Midwest has a firm understanding on the essence of this rap shit. Artists like Mikkey, Rocky, Dãm, Van, ATW, Starlito and you know who all represent quality music and creativity. It’s on the “tastemakers” and new media to stop following and attempt to lead. Give these guys their outlet to assist in getting their dreams out.

Shoutouts to @DJGregStreet. I told G-Roc on Friday that I’d be gettin’ @ you to throw Prynce some support in a formal way. We already fucking with Yela and Ghet-O-Vision as well as Pill and the Villains. As far as I’m concerned, we’ll be completing the cipher. Plus, Street’s a real sneakerhead, not like a few of these other corny DJ’s that think that cash and access = collecting and acceptance. You can’t buy class, holmes.

Anyways, take your head off the pillow, get active and check out Prynce’s latest tape. If you really want to get up to speed, go back and get What The Game’s Been Missing Vol. 1.

01. Intro
02. Hatin On Prynce
03. Popular Demand
04. She Keeps Passing Me By
05. Check In 1
06. Twist Kush
07. So Hard
08. Say Ahh
09. Buy You A Round
10. How Low
11. Check In 2
12. I Wanna Rock
13. I’m Ready To Go
14. I Got 5 On It
15. Check In 3
16. Mind Playin Tricks On Me
17. Ready Or Not
18. Duffle Bag
19. Say Somethin
20. Dead Presidents
21. Shawty
22. Outro
23. Exhibit C Freestyle

Download — DJ Green Lantern, DJ Greg Street And_DJ Infamous Present CyHi Da Prynce – The Prynce Of Jacks | Alt. Link

And we’ll have some footage soon from him, Pill and Wolf performing @ Fuggin’ Awesome on Friday. Oh yeah, we supported that too.

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