The DaVinci Code

03.31.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

The co-signs of Maurice Garland, Noz and Burn One go a long way. About two weeks ago, the three tweeted the praises of an artist from Cali named DaVinci. Seeing as how these three have never led to disaster as far as music is concerned (still working on getting Mo’ on the pro-LeBron bandwagon), a point was made to give this guy’s music a true run through.

Which was a great decision, too. As far as new life out west is concerned, Nipsey, Jay Rock and Fashawn are the most visible. They represent a resurgence in a coast who has been yearning for respect since the fall of Death Row some fourteen years ago. Pretty soon, Vinci may find himself knocking on the doorstep of success and potential. The beautiful thing about his art is the effortless combination of bars and beats. They’re both ominous. Not exclusively the trunk rattling, gangbanging vibes often heard from the West. From the first few listens, one of the San Francisco resident’s best qualities proves to be his storytelling. Like the old head in the barbershop who has experienced so much that when he speaks, listening isn’t optional– it’s mandatory.

On his debut project, The Day The Turf Stood Still, you’ll hear the evils of the streets mixed with the beauty of the paper chase. It sounds like something straight out of a modern day Shakespearean play. The music isn’t overbearing. Rather, it’s the audio equivalent of taking a shot of strong liquor that doesn’t burn on the way down.

Co-signs could be thrown around this guy until Pac comes back or Snoop claims Piru, but the point has been carved out. Ultimately, you’re going to have to decide yourself how you view dude’s music. In my eyes, you shouldn’t be disappointed. One thing is for sure, though, DaVinci is going to do his part. Now, if the Warriors could ever figure out how to play defense and the 49ers find a halfway decent quarterback, San Francisco would definitely be back on the map.

Download — DaVinci – The Day The Turf Stood Still

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