Dee-1 – Psalms Of David II Mixtape

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Dee-1 - Psalms Of David II

Every once in awhile, you come across an artist who deserves to make it based on character alone. Someone who’s so innately genuine, it gushes from every varying angle of their lives, both in and out of their music. That person is Dee-1.

The former teacher has made a habit of effortlessly working in life lessons and sincere moral words to live by in his records. With each play, there’s something new to be learned from Mr. Augustine. If there was rap music to show to outsiders and detractors of the culture, this is it.

In fact, his music is so against the grain, so opposite of prototypical Hip-Hop, it’s been harder for Dee to secure a fanbase, especially from the average listener who feeds on the vicious, aggressive tracks that have become the genre’s staple. But no amount of potholes in the road could deter the New Orleans emcee from his goal and he persevered through the disadvantages without ever compromising his integrity. In fact, I vividly remember the first time I spoke to him, he told me it was his goal to walk across his college graduation stage with a diploma and a record deal in each hand. And though the timing wasn’t quite that picture-perfect, the man’s hard work paid finally off, with his movement penultimately earning him a backing from RCA Inspiration, just announced a few weeks back.

And fresh off the heels of that announcement, Dee-1 is continuing to drive his momentum forward with his newest project, Psalms of David II. From the jump, the positivity and uplifting spirit absolutely infectious. His flow is crisper than ever, his words are fresher. He might’ve just gotten a deal, but his hunger for more can’t be contained. He knows there’s still miles to cover before he reaches the next peak, and PoD2 marks his first strides up the mountain.

Also, be sure to catch Dee’s electric stage show while he’s on the road with Lupe Fiasco for the Tetsuo And Youth Preview tour. Full flyer with dates below with more info available over at

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