Dee Goodz – The Introduction Of Donald G LP

01.24.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

When there are literally thousands of competitors vying for the exact same thing, how do you stand out amongst the crowd? Well, if you’re Dee Goodz, apparently you forgo the handshakes and hugs, then properly welcome yourself with a debut LP named The Introduction Of Donald G.

After fine-tuning his craft on tapes like conGRADulations and his Floetic Justice series over the past few years, the Nashville representative opens up on this, his most complete project date. Speaking on the difficulties of being a young, single father working two jobs, who’s simply trying to see more than the average man, this typically cool customer rides an assortment of engaging, original instrumentals in hopes that listeners might find fuel to their own desires amidst his narrowed-in selection of songs. For instance, if you’re grind is on point, but your timing just hasn’t panned out yet, you’ll find solace in Dee’s optimistic, “Next Year.” Adversely, if you’ve been working until the sun comes up, without a pay off in sight, you’ll understand the fight or flight mentality the young man and his dreams seem to go through on “The Long Road Home.”

Whatever your current state of mind is, though, just know Dee Goodz has his name for a reason and with an initiation this strong upon his arrival, you shouldn’t be forgetting it any time soon.

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