Deniro Farrar Ft. JMSN – “Separate” x ‘The Patriarch II’ Mixtape

06.19.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

deniro farrar patriarch II album cover

With Ryan Hemsworth behind the boards and Deniro Farrar’s intricate internal battles being complimented by a hook from JMSN, the sheer talent aboard “Separate” should draw folks in alone. Drenched in murky strings, eerie key strikes and a minimalistic drum track, Farrar’s troubled tales of love lost sound right at home amidst Hemsworth’s ghostly atmosphere and aside the Priscilla singer’s always abject vocals – creating an experience listeners will feel way before soaking up all the real on tap.

Luckily, Deniro gives you some incentive for repeat listens, by coupling this brooding banger with the rest of his recent mixtape, The Patriarch II. With a catalouge of nothing but heat and work ethic that’s produced more growth than anything, there’s no reasons the rest of this tape shouldn’t standout too.

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