“The DNA Of The Blueprint”

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When I saw Neil last November, he told me a couple of his “don’t say nothing” ideas & plans. Little did he know he didn’t have to worry; I have the memory and retention of a snail. The adidas collaborative project with Star Wars? One that stuck with me since there’s the whole dislike I have of adidas that lead to me ribbin’ Neil for being affiliated with such wackness. Of course, that idea came to fruition & worked well for all parties involved, bolstered by the commercial with Neil and others plus the wild publicity Snoop garnered by trooping NYC with Darth Vader.

Another idea on the hush was his plans to compile a mix that documented Jay’s Blueprint series, bringing back a few of the hits, spotlighting a few of the influences and sample sources, etc. Since he’s not on this leg of the The BP3 tour (a missing element, for sure), it looks like Neil finally had a chance to put together the mix and The DNA Of The Blueprint is the final outcome of his original idea. I saw it posted on several sites last week, most giving it favorable coverage while others didn’t hold it in regard with Neil’s previous mixes (Jay-Z backlash by association, maybe?). Moi? Obviously, I’m obviously biased, my listening perspective favoring both Jay’s music and Neil’s mixes.

“This project is my personal way of putting a distinctive bookmark in this chapter in my life, and a way to pass a sincere thank you to Jay-Z, Mr. Sean Carter, for all of the memories, the opportunity to rock on stage as an artist with him around the world, and for the kindness to me as a person. You know I had to do it in my language; a thank you in music.

A sincere thank you and respect to Jay-Z and the Roc Boys.

Take a listen, spread the word, and enjoy the music!”

I thought it was interesting that Neil placed a Biggie track early in mix, acknowledging the influence that the Notorious one held over his fellow Brooklynite. There’s also a Nas track thrown into the mix, that immediately took mind back to Jay referencing Illmatic’s reign on “A Star Is Born” and wondering if there was ever a late night tour conversation between the emcee and DJ that accounts for the song’s inclusion. Technically, Neil’s blend of “Ain’t No Nigga” with “Venus Vs. Mars” is completely flawless, doing the impossible by updating a classic song. And hearing Bobby Bland, The Persuaders and others originals next to Jay’s sampled versions are one of a few added touches that make the listen diverse. In the end, the mix sticks to Neil’s faultless format of choosing the right songs, then laying in patented soundbites.

While the Roc-A-Fella we once knew may be dismantled and there may never be another Backstage movie to peel the curtains back, we do get an audio biography with The DNA Of The Blueprint.

The MC and the DJ
2 No ID Speaks
3 Props to BIG Brother Jay-z – Kanye West
4 Hola Hovito
5 BluePrint 1 Return to the soul samples
6 The Rulers Back
7 Izzo
8 Heart of the City
9 Never Change
10 Young Forever
11 Empire State of Mind
12 What Where I’m From
13 Already Home
14 Reminder
15 People Talking
16 Hate
17 Takeover/Run This Town
18 Renegade
19 Real As it Gets
20 All I Need
21 03 Bonnie And Clyde
22 Excuse Me Miss
23 So Ambitious
24 The Bounce
25 Excuse Me Miss Remix
26 Jigga that N*
27 Stop
28 What They Gonna Do Part 2
29 Ain’t No N*
30 Venus Vs Mars
31 Girls girls girls remix
32 On to the Next One
33 What We Talkin about
34 Every Day A Star is Born
35 Thank You

Download — DJ Neil Armstrong – The DNA Of The Blueprint Mixtape | Alt. Link


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