DJ Premier – Keith “Guru” Elam Tribute Mix

04.25.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Regardless on what side you took surrounding the events leading up to his declining health and ultimate demise, Hip-Hop shed their collective tears just five days ago when it lost a pillar of its storied foundation in Keith “Guru” Elam, due to cancer. He, along with the legendary DJ Premier, brought a sense of unity and harmony in their basic MC/DJ setup for over a decade strong.You never heard a discussion of “classic Hip-Hop” without any sort of remnants of their legacy being mentioned, and with Guru to be forever immortalized through the music, it will continue to stay that way.

For the fans who didn’t know him personally, that’s all they have to cling on to. Death can serve as a reflection of life and that is exactly what we have here. True, they didn’t part on the best of terms, but if there is any human living able to put together a credible musical tribute, it would have to come from the Works of Mart. Clocking in at slightly under two hours, the DJ Premier Blog serves up an eulogy in the purest form for fans to pay their respects while celebrating the life of Guru.

Be well Keith Elam. The rep grows bigger…

Keith “Guru” Elam Tribute Mix by Dj Premier Blog Radio on Mixcloud

Download — DJ Premier – Keith “Guru” Elam Tribute Mix

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