Dom Kennedy – The Original Dom Kennedy Mixtape

03.10.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

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Talk about coming from left field. However, seeing as how I consider myself a huge fan of Dom Kennedy, any new music from the brother is regarded as a come up. He’s actually my favorite young West Coast artist (by a finely combed baby hair over Kendrick), but that is another time for another discussion. Lost in the commotion regarding XXL’s Freshman list was the fact Leimert Park’s finest was excluded.

Part of me believes he deserved the nod over another up and coming Left Coast product in YG. “Toot It & Boot It” be dammed, some of YG’s stuff is fun as hell to ride to. He also stands to improve once (and if) he creates a solid lane for himself. But I’m still taking Dom for the moment, by a rather wide margin.

Anyway, I cannot shake the hunch this project was created as a figurative one-finger salute for the omission. To keep it funky though, he doesn’t even seem like the kind of guy to trip over anything like that so maybe I’m stuck in “fan mode.” The Original Dom Kennedy* will ultimately serve as a precursor for From The Westside With Love II and I’m not complaining about a carefully prepared appetizer before the main course. While so much could and should be said about the project, it is probably best to let the man himself sum it all up in his own words.

Ladies and gentlemen, the floor is all Dom’s. And yeah, he could probably give a rat’s ass about that list.

Download Dom Kennedy – The Originial Dom Kennedy | Alt. Link

*Each song has its own artwork. Now THAT’S original.

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