Drake – “Find Yuh Love (DJ Benzi Remix)”

08.16.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Thank Me Later was copped it’s second week out and still hasn’t gotten a single spin. Aside from “Over,” I haven’t heard one song from the album we’ve given our highest rating to all year. On purpose. In some ways, I’m saving it. In others, I don’t care. The hype is over and at least ten other artists have filled any void left open for new music this scorching summer.

That said, the other night at The Swelly Tour, our buddy DJ Benzi was spinning a song I’d never heard before, but sounded extremely familiar. Then, realization set in that I was hearing Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” instrumental, blended with a familiarly Auto-Tuned-artist’s acapella. The artist was Drake, and the vocal swipe turned out to be from “Find Your Love.” This version, remixed for Benzi’s Summer 2010 version of Get Right Radio, had me feeling so correct at that moment I wound up walking back to my car to put in Drizzy’s debut and find out if Kanye’s original version stood up against this radical and rather simple refix.

This is the part where’d I’d typically say Mr Get Right’s remix took a dump all over Yeezy’s, but it really didn’t. The disheartening lack of a much-needed, steady kick-drum on Gyptian’s beat is really the only thing stopping it from Trump Tower though. The respective beats actually lack each others’ strengths. But, as far as this specific remix goes, the melody-driven beat is a nice change of pace. The tempos are spot on. The vibes are complimentary. The mood is right. If this were the original, it would still be a hit (“hey hey hey”).

The rest of DJ Benzi’s smoldering-hot version Get Right Radio is available here, and will probably make it into my deck before the Drake CD.

Drake – “Find Yuh Love” (DJ Benzi Remix) | Download

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