Eminem – “Ridaz” x “Session One”

06.21.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Without giving a strict compare & contrast analysis on the rest of Recovery, “Ridaz,” an iTunes bonus track for Em’s new album is this shi!t, right? The diggy Dr. Dre infused the right amount of adamantium (read: metal) over his trademark loop ‘n snare to remind us all why he’s still the reigning beat chiropractor.

Eminem just doesn’t ride the track—he ponies it, exhibiting that delivery wizardry that’s missing from…well…let’s just say it’s good to hear it again since Relapse ran its course.

Eminem – “Ridaz” (Prod. By Dr. Dre) | Download

On the B-side, Mouse Budden must have been too busy Tweeting, vlogging and wooing Esther Baxter because he missed out on a Just Blaze track that didn’t need to be bolstered by a Roxbury anthem. Joell, Crooked and Royce make up for the founder’s absence with a series of rewind-worthy similes and metaphors. Eminem as the new 4th member of Slaughterhouse? Who would really object to that? (Besides Joey, of course.)

Eminem Feat. Slaughterhouse* – “Session One” (Prod. By Just Blaze) | Download


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