Fat Trel x DJ Money – April Foolz Mixtape

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“DC Shoes ain’t D.C. Shit…” – Fat Trel

Fat Trel is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a grape cigarillo. He is aligned with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area’s most recognizable Hip-Hop artist, recent Maybach Music Group signee Wale. Oddly enough, Fat Trel is everything Wale is not. He wears North Face, not Billionaire Boys Club. He’s much more likely to rhyme over a Lex Luger beat than something by 9th Wonder (though some would argue that might be the case for Wale as well now). Beyond aesthetics, Trel represents the tatted, dreaded, pill-popping, O Cup drinking generation of teens and young adults that have been striking fear in the hearts of suburban Metro commuters for years. His hunger, unchecked aggression and youthful angst hearken back to a time when out-of-towners were wary of visiting our nation’s capital. In short: He is D.C., not the DMV.

Trel first showed up on the national radar while supporting the aforementioned Wale on “The Posse Cut (Who Don’t)” from this last outing, 2010’s More About Nothing. Full of uncompromising trap tales, hook-free stream of consciousness mind spray and bawdy sexual boasts expected of a guy who runs with a crew called the Slutty Boyz, Trel established himself as a force to be reckoned with in DC and beyond.

Fast-forward to 2011, with his affiliations seemingly in flux, Trel brings us his newest work, April Foolz hosted by DJ Money. This is Trel’s first mixtape since linking with Wale that doesn’t have a Wale feature. With no would-be mentor around, the aggressive content gets ramped up to another level. Production by Lex “He’s Fucking Everywhere” Luger and his in-house beatsmiths Basshedz provide the perfect landscape for Trel to paint hyperrealistic images to. Trel even sounds comfortable over blogger-bait like the somber J.Cole-production (yes that J. Cole) “Live My Life.”

It’s taken all of my effort not to go the hack way out and end this story by saying that Fat Trel’s April Foolz mixtape is no joke, despite being released on the same day as the faux holiday. In conclusion, Trel represents a side of D.C. not often seen outside of the city limits.

Download — Fat Trel & DJ Money – April Foolz Mixtape | Alt. Link

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