Gucci Mane – The Return Of Mr. Perfect Mixtape

09.14.14 3 years ago

gucci mane the return of mr perfect mixtape cover

Gucci Mane releases more music than any contributing member of society can keep track of. If you’re feeling like that emoji with the single tear and sweat that I like to use to demonstrate my confusion, you’re not alone, because The Return Of Mr Perfect didn’t appear on his original release schedule. Meanwhile, Brick Factory 2 (listen here) came a week early.

One high point of this tape, of course, is Mr. Mane’s dedication to yours truly in “Mrs Perfect 2014.” While he’s had better, and much, much worse, it’s really, truly the thought that counts. “Loser” is also worthy of some chortles because it’s never not amusing to hear Gucci and his oddball sense of humor talking sh*t about another dude.

The Return Of Mr Perfect, both an obvious reference to himself and follow up to 2008’s Mr Perfect mixtape, is streamable and downloadable below.

DownloadGucci Mane – The Return Of Mr. Perfect Mixtape

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