Gucci Mane’s Cold War Mixtape Series

10.17.09 8 years ago 36 Comments


If it seems as if TSS (more so myself) has been on a Gucci Mane overload lately, blame him, not us (me). It’s just not everyday Hip-Hop sees an artist drop THREE mixtapes at ONCE, which is clearly a testament to two things:

1) He has THAT much material as to where he can give it away for free and not repeat any for his album.

2) People anticipate his music enough to actually want to hear three mixtapes at once.

Now, disliking Gucci simply because you don’t like his music is one thing. That’s completely understandable. Everything isn’t for everybody. Throwing around comments like “he’s not hot“, however, is an entirely different discussion.

Yeah, yeah, I know Gotty™ said this same exact thing a few posts back, but it’s just that important. Still so icey from The Burrrprint, Gucci essentially travels to where no mixtape legend has before with his trio of A-Town DJ’s, Drama, Holiday and Scream, releasing the appropriately titled trifecta, Cold War.

Love him or hate him, lyrical or not, at the end of the day, all you can do is shiver from the cold heat he’s delivering.


Download — Gucci Mane & DJ Drama – Guccimerica


Download — Gucci Mane & DJ Scream – Great BRRRitan


Download — Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday – BRRRussiaa

Oh, and for good measure, he’s got ANOTHER mixtape coming with Shawty Lo on Halloween.

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