Jahshua Smith – The Final Season LP

02.08.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

The thing we like most about Jahshua Smith is that there’s always a message in his music. Whether he’s ripping deep cuts or easygoing singles, dig into any track from his brand new LP The Final Season and you’ll hear this provocative Detroit rapper delivering words meant for more than gloating and simply to rhyme.

See, each time this elevated MC picks up a pen, Smith’s reiterating something he feels is not only important to himself, but everyone lending an ear. Turn on “Censored” and you’ll hear history on systematic racism. Or, how about “Say The Words,” which exposes the ugly, yet vivid tales of sexual abuse. Even, the steppers-ready single “Butt” is about more than just finding a freak and instead about meeting someone who respects themselves as much you do.

That said, download Final Season below if you’re into introspective rhymes from artists who care about more than themselves. Since they’re rare, we’ll assume most of you will at least listen.

DownloadJahshua Smith – The Final Season

Cred: YouHeardThatNew

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