Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C”

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In a little over two years, Jay Electronica has managed to captivate audiences one computer at a time. At first we got a grip of dope Loosies that came out of nowhere. Those were followed by masterful Exhibits that commanded listeners to pull up & ponder “what if” like the old days. Looking back it really looked like Je’Ri would drop an album sometime in ‘09. I was doubtful as this scenario is all too familiar. Rapper X drops a bunch of songs, gets good press then for whatever reasons falls into the pits of obscurity. Plus industry rule #4080 is alive more than ever even though the biz is fumbling about. Still, I left that shred of hope stand strong despite the odds.

It’s December 2009. Have you seen a Jay Electronica album?  Nope.  c’mon son! © Ed Lover. What’s the problem if the boy can rap?

Well, the issue here may be the irregular leaks WILL catch up to him if he and his people can’t get the ball rolling on releasing a record. I’m not in a true position to discuss his work ethic or the goings on behind the scenes, because I honestly have no idea. All I can look at are the cold hard facts: the sparse, sporadically leaked mp3s I have on my computer. If Jay keeps going down this road his fan base will move on to greener pastures. Hip-Hop fans are more fickle than ever so he’s fortunate to garner this much attention without much content to show for it.  It’s one thing to whet the appetites of your fans, leaving them anticipating. But it’s another thing to drop them off in the middle of The Sahara with a Capri Sun and a compass.

He won’t set the internet ablaze with Exhibit Zed until 2015 if he continues at his current pace.

Jay, let’s make 2010 right with a bar-coded project.  I could care less if it does Walt Williams numbers. I just want to buy it, play it and enjoy the LP. Not to speak on behalf of Jay Elec fans worldwide but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say we’ve been more than patient.


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