Juelz Santana – God Will’n Mixtape

01.15.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Oh, Santana, when did it all go to hell in a hand basket? There was once a point when Juelz was all but a given to translate into the next breakout Hip-Hop star. Blame it on the beast that is rap, its backdoor politics and possibly Santana’s own lack of desire, but all seems to be in the past with the arrival of his God Will’n mixtape.

The production and features for the tape prove despite a lengthy hiatus, Juelz still has a who’s-who list of confidants in the industry including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Future, Jadakiss, Jeremih, Sha Money XL and host of others. Not to piss in anybody’s Corn Flakes (or Honey Nut Cherrios), one Cam feature would’ve been nostalgic. But that’s just yours truly being selfish and continuing to live the glory years of 2002-2006.

The only thing that matters is the present. It’s time to see if “Human Crack In The Flesh” is as addictive in 2013 as the music was 10 years ago when tall tees and jerseys were the must have clothing items.

DownloadJuelz Santana – God Will’n Mixtape

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