Juicy J x Lex Luger – Rubba Band Business 2 Mixtape

05.04.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Juice Game Proper has been chronicling his inebriation for so long it makes you wonder if he really is a high flyer or just mastered the art of bluffing his buzz. If the former is accurate, his brain has to be massive pile of mush by this point, only to be stimulated by the presence of pills, purp or puss. None the matter—his life equals our entertainment in any circumstance and it’s with great pleasure for the Three Sixer and Lex Luger to present their second drug-related street tape, Rubba Band Business 2, to our impure minds.

Sporting a massive guestlist that couldn’t possibly live up to the hype on a leap year’s full moon—well none of that really matters either. Juicy lives life for the f*ck of it, never concerned with the “L” word. Love, lungs or liver, who needs ’em? Wiz, $pitta, MGK, Travis Porter and more are all in the spot and they didn’t come to discuss politics or who got booted off of Top Chef. If you’re down to party, grab your white cups and Zippos so you can get down with this “rubba band bidness.”

Download — Juicy J & Lex Luger – Rubba Band Business 2 Mixtape | Alt. Link

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