Klub Monsta & DJ Burn One – Separate But Sequel Mixtape

02.16.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

So you need reasons to take time out of your day and dedicate a portion of your hard drive to Klub Monsta, a group we’ve been co-signing for a minute now? Fine, that’s not a problem whatsoever. Pull up a chair.

1. Big Rube is on the intro. I repeat, Big Rube, THE Big Rube, is the first voice heard once play is pressed. That alone should put the disclaimer what you’re about to hear is anything but generic.

2. Kellz, J. Dotta and Air Talley are the furthest connotation from shallow, proven on 2010’s Southern Theory. Messages in their music can only be found by, and I know this may be too much to ask some people, actually listening to their lyrics. As the big homie Maurice Garland noted, “If you’ve been thirsting from some Hip Hop with production that feeds the soul lyrics that massage the brain, then this is something you need to download and share with your folks.” And not to totally jock what Mo’ said, hearing a group in today’s climate is something that should be given credit. In an industry where it appears “self” is more important than anything – understandable, too – hearing natural chemistry from a collective will never run its course.

“Playing To Our Strengths” has been on repeat. But then again, “Routine” and “Sam’s Street Child” has too. There’s something here for everybody as long as you have the courage to press play.

3. It’s DJ Burn One approved, which leads to the following question. Has Burn One become the gatekeeper for any and everything dope that relates with “country rap tunes”? Seriously, at this point, is there any doubt?

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