Luck-One – King Of The Northwest Mixtape

10.18.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Everybody feels entitled to lay claim to an audacious ranking.

Whether or not they’re deserving of that ranking is up to the quality of their music, however. You may see Luck-One ripping a show in Sacramento, dodging raindrops as he hustles his way through the Seattle streets or politickin’ with partners out in Portland and he wants to be treated the same in each of those regions. As the King of the Northwest.

Already proven to be a great orator with the first couple of leaks from the project, the Conscious One flips couplets on heaters such as “Out on a Limb” and gives plenty of up-and-coming talent their just due on tracks like “Grandmaster Architects” and “Only Do Me.” The list for rap royalty just grew a little bit longer and Luck-One inhabitants the kingdom where the forests are always in full bloom.

Download — Luck One – King Of The Northwest

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