Mach Five – Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

06.22.12 6 years ago

In terms of epic trilogies, the Ratchet Shit series falls up there with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones. Volume 3 closes out Mach Five’s Holy Trinity of Ratchet, and it’s only right that the King and Queen of Trippy, Juicy J and Gangsta Boo, respectively, make appearances.

The final installment of Ratchet Shit begins with “Live Hard, Die Young,” an overarching theme found throughout all of Mach Five’s music. They’re young, talented, and they’re not making any excuses. Rather, they’re inviting the listener into their world of fashionable drugs, booze-fueled nights of wild parties, and loose women. It’s pretty ridiculous how influential both Corey Davis and A. Ware are. Not only are they heavily involved in the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene, but you might find yourself craving some “Turn Up Juice” and “Skittlez” long after listening to Ratchet Shit Vol. 3.

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