Maino x Funkmaster Flex – Respect The Jux Mixtape

08.09.11 6 years ago

If Maino comes around the corner you’re serving birdies on and tells you to get down and give it up, you have no choice but to Respect The Jux. Rap money is unpredictable but robbing the dopeman is always profitable if you’re properly insured with the right firearm. At any rate, the journey to The Day After Tomorrow is still a few months away so today, Mr. Hustle Hard Sr. went out and committed a series of felonies on beats you likely know very well.

Hosted by Funkmaster Flex, who didn’t mix, but loaned his scowling image to the cover for a similar effect, here’s a rare occasion where Maino is the generous one and gives instead of takes, um…pause. Better accept before he changes his mind.

Download — Maino & Funkmaster Flex – Respect The Jux Mixtape

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