Marvwon – The Way Of The Won

12.17.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

The big homie House Shoes sent this over the other day and I’ve been selfish in hogging this for myself; using it to put a bit of dirt back on my soul after having it sweetened by the plethora of rappers selling out for 15 seconds of fame on the R&B route.

Because this shit is ugly. Detroit & Marvwon have arrived with glocks drawn and ski-masks on.

A beautiful ugly where you throw on that face like it’s 95° muggy out. If the Denaun Porter & Black Milk beats don’t do it to ya, then stern verbal warnings like “Get Back” surely will. For free.99 too? Who’s really getting robbed?

How bout some hardcore? Check these samples before you go in.


Download — Marvwon – Get Back (Produced By Lord Quest)


Download — Marvwon – The Chase (Produced By D Fresh)

01. Rite Back (Produced By Vaughn T of the Labtechs)
02. What Up (Produced By Mr. Porter)
03. Thin Ice (Produced By Mr. Porter)
04. Need To Know (Feat. Bilal) (Produced By Mr. Porter)
05. Happy Birthday (Produced By Quelle)
06. Mill Ticket (Produced By Brenk)
07. Get Back (Produced By Lord Quest)
08. Alex Foley (Feat. Danny Brown & Chips Dinero) (Produced By House Shoes)
09. The Chase (Produced By D Fresh)
10. The Way It Goes (Produced By 14KT)
11. Talk About (Produced By Black Milk)

Download — House Shoes Presents: Marvwon – The Way Of The Won

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