Money Making Jam Boys – “Tear It Down”

01.10.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Art: Shake

Ready or not, here come the Money Making Jam Boys. STS, Truck North, Dice Raw and Black Thought, better known for their respective affiliations with the Roots crew, have struck out on their own to drop a mixtape in the near future. “Tear It Down” is the first leak from that project and it’s chock-full of the precise lyricism one would expect. One by one, each member of the group steps up to the beat and flexes a little skill for your enjoyment on this cold January evening.

STS basically breaks it all down in his verse. “This is an excellent sample, My bad Khari production, Rich as Ferrari production, Paired with the art of destruction.” Over a Khari “Ferrari” Mateen beat, each of these emcees shows off their particular art of destruction. And, as previously stated, it’s an excellent sample of what’s to come.


Download — Money Making Jam Boys “Tear It Down”


Update: Yo, peace to Dice Raw, who’s recovering from a car accident.

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