Nipsey Hussle Feat. Iyaz – “Return Of The Mack”

01.15.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

I’ve always been a fanatic of “Return Of The Mack;” the smash single from one of the greatest one-hit-wonders of all-time, Mark Morrison. Every seven odd months or so, I’ll break it out and turn the volume up to max like I still had that Sony boombox I used to dub songs off the radio. Its vibe and essence relects a time period where you were going to like the majority of what hit the airwaves, essentially turn a simple car ride into a trip to the club.

Apparently, Nipsey & ’em feel the same way.

Looped and interpolated by Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem, this new hustle captures much of the vibrance of the original, but I’m still doubtful this matches Nip’s persona or even will hit with his target audience.

It’s Twenty Ten. Radio hits and crossing over are overrated (see: Wale’s “Chillin”). Albums are preset to sell what they’re going to sell. Your best bet is to stay true to your artform and let the music do the talking instead of the marketing.


Download — Nipsey Hussle Feat. Iyaz – “Return Of The Mack”

Props: DubCNN

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