Noreaga – “Nutcracker”

07.29.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

You can check N.O.R.E.’s track record as a solo artist and observe how he’s a master at storming out the gate with an infectious hit. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it wasn’t for “Superthug” which put his name (and The Neptunes for that matter) on the commercial soundscape. As a direct result, the unofficial trio went on to make more magic in the form of “Oh No,” “Grimey” and “Nothin‘” as well. And before it became a group affair, Norey forced the clubs to “Rotate” for dolo.

Which brings us to “Nutcracker.” Don’t misconstrue this for some silly ballet. A nutcracker will convince you that you’re drinking a Capri Sun and then next thing you know, you’re seeing triple. Scoop DeVille continues his dance floor dominance with another upbeat winner.

Noreaga – “Nutcracker” (Prod. By Scoop DeVille) | Download

Props: 57th Ave

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