Pill Feat. Iyaz – “Blow Up”

08.23.10 6 years ago 8 Comments


That’s the initial feeling I had when I saw Pill and Iyaz had combined for a track intended to be on the Atlanta rhymeslayer’s studio debut.

Warner Brothers.

They were responsible for the subsequent thought. Their suit-n-tie act and manicured fingernails reeked of co-production even though they are no where to be found in any of the song’s labeling. For an immense talent such as Pill, who rose through the ranks and earned his stripes with mixtapes that boldly exposed inner-city drug plagues (including shocking video evidence that went on to be saluted in viral history books), linking him up with a Pop sensation all but screams “the LABEL made me do it.” Not to mention, leaving a tangled web of marionette strings for longtime fans to comb through.

Now mind you, all this took place through the course of my brain before I heard the track, so these assumptions were just preliminary. And as the 2nd XXL Freshman to “blow up” this month, P-I-Double-L still gets busy with his nouns and verbs; painting that vivid picture to match the track’s subject matter as he’s done time and time again. But the bargin bin 2010 southern beat and simplistic chorus designed to brainwash memorization into the minds of radio listeners sounds like it would better suited for an Ace Hood than a more revered artist such as Pill.

While I’m not placing the blame solely on the label, when the entire Ringling Rap Circus stops forcing uniformity, only then will our promising rookies reach their full potential.


Pill Feat. Iyaz – “Blow Up” | Download

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