Plies – I #!*@ With The DJ: The Mixtape

03.17.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

***Hater Alert***

My personal disdain towards Plies’ music knows no limitations, but I know plenty of you Beckies out here want it, so I’ll be chopped liver and all that. Y’boy Plies (pronounced Plyzzzzzzmannnn) wants you all to understand his love for the disc jock is so great, he doesn’t even need one on to host his new tape. Just a lotta hootin’ and hollerin, trap-crack-rat-chet-rap to increase Advil’s stock by 20% this year.

Plies, fux wit the DJ, on Big Gates Records huh? Yeah…cool story, bro.

Download — Plies I Fuck With The DJ

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