QUE. – Can You Digg It? Mixtape

08.19.14 3 years ago

Que Can You Digg It Mixtape

The short answer to the question posed by the title of Que’s new tape is a resounding “Yes.” Can You Digg It? features a couple tracks from his recent Que Fresco project with Mike Fresh, but most of the material’s new to our ears.

He’s got the who’s who of whose hot right now, like 2 Chainz, August Alsina, TY$, and DJ Mustard, but the sheer amount of Sonny Digital’s name in the credits is what’s most exciting, not to mention seeing Bobby Johnson’s name pop back up. Sonny and Que have a proven track record with their potent collabs, and hopefully the essence of “Bobby Johnson” is resurrected on here, too

DownloadQUE. – Can You Digg It? Mixtape

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