“Luda’s On Another Remix…”

12.20.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

When I initially mentioned this song in October, the future impact of the record was basically a given. It was the perfect song heading into the winter, and while it wasn’t going to threaten to take the top spot on the Billboard charts, Rob certainly had an anthem on his hands.

Naturally, if it was a hot R&B record, a remix was soon to surface. I’m just surprised it took this long. On the aforementioned post, I suggested Maxwell would serve as a viable candidate. Stupid me, how could I not to think of Ludacris? As a rapper who has made a career partially crafting lyrics filled with sexual innuendo, this only makes sense.

Consider this one for the archives.


Download — Robin Thicke Feat. Ludacris – “Sex Therapy” (remix)

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