Rochelle Jordan – ROJO x “King A” (Aaliyah Tribute)

08.25.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Seeing as how she kicked off the summer with dope music, it only makes sense Rochelle Jordan helps to bring the season to a close properly with the release of her full length project ROJO. Her music has been consistent as most singer putting out music this summer, so expectations are set rather high for an artist still relatively new to the scene.

Rochelle does one thing correct with this project before even clicking play though. Features are kept to a minimum allowing the listeners to respect her song making ability from jump street, an important ability for an artist hoping to have their music taken seriously. Pretty much, and I’ll say this for the twentieth time, Rojo is someone worth keeping your eye on. The product is unique only to herself while her voice is captivating and pure. And remember, the last time I told to keep your eyes on an up and coming Canadian artist he ended up doing quite well for himself.

Legendary artists leave impacts far beyond music, almost as if they truly never died. With today marking a decade since her passing, millions will pay tribute in their own special, unique manner. Here at TSS, going overboard isn’t our thing, but we recognize timeless talent when it’s in our faces. Below, the aforementioned Jordan sends out a spiritual kite to the late Babygirl with a song titled “King A.”

Rochelle Jordan – “King A” (Aaliyah Tribute)

DownloadRochelle Jordan – ROJO | Alt. Link

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