Savage – “My City (Baton Rouge)”

07.01.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Ain’t nothing nice in Baton Rouge, except the music. That’s no disrespect whatsoever to anyone who calls the place home, but the few people I know from there all say the same thing, “Sh!t wild down there, for real.” I believe it too, and not even because of that Lil’ Boosie case.

Through despair, however, authentic art is usually spawned. Take B.R.’s own, Savage. Signed to a production deal with Trill Ent., his street album, No Rest No Sleep, is set to drop July 2. The the self produced track “My City (Baton Rouge)” is an eye opener to say the least. Don’t let the uptempo, bouncy instrumental fool you into thinking it is some fly-by-night, deep south club track. Savage peels away the different layers of the city to expose the unfortunate, yet true identity of the place he calls home. Snitches, fatherless homes, rampant drug usage and gang activity all helps compose the DNA capital of “The Boot,” which Sav ironically calls “Been Ratchet.”

For as good as the song is, paranoia still runs rampant through his mind. The constant thought of having to fear success because of retaliation instead of congratulation is what Sav, in a round about way, stresses. Even still, this makes for good music and a project you may want to take heed to this Friday.

Savage – “My City (Baton Rouge)” (Prod. by Savage)
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And as a bonus…

Savage – “UGK (True Story)” (Prod. by Savage) | Download

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