Scotty & DJ Burn One – Summer Dreams Mixtape

08.27.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Being in good company can open doors that otherwise probably would have never been. Per the request of TSS extended family DJ Burn One, came Scotty and his Summer Dreams mixtape. Seeing as how Burn could make someone like me sound good over one of his country rap tunes, him working with actual talent boded well for what Scotty had to offer. The tape itself is exactly what I was expecting prior to clicking play; a look into the life of a previously unknown artist from cozy vantage point of the proverbial passenger seat.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Scotty going in, but Summer Dreams appears to be the soundtrack of his life at the moment which is actually a dope trait as it gives some sort of semblance of who he is outside of the booth. “Husslin,” “Purple Thoughts” and “June 21,” my three personal standouts, reflect records of your normal street savvy guy who just so happened to find himself in a studio one day and ran with the momentum. Between Burn’s cinematic concoctions and the rapper’s laid back demanor, this makes for a dope listen to close the summer out as we head into the season which commands jackets and jeans. In other words, enjoy what’s left of these 90 degree days, but also let it dictate some of those extended car rides during the fall. Because if it’s really a dream worth fantasizing about, the desire to transform it into a reality is the same whether it be the dead of winter or a July 4 cookout.

Download Scotty & DJ Burn One – Summer Dreams | Alt. Link

Bonus: Killing two fiends with one rock of dope, Scotty’s got a documentary as well in case you’re looking for more background into his story.

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