SMKA x Aleon Craft – Craft Singles EP

07.20.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

They say “the cheese stands alone” but SMKA and Aleon Craft pack too much flavor in their packaged goods to ever get complacent. Still glowing with radioactive inspiration from their last outer body experience, the Atlanta conglomerate are taking the world by meteor storm with Craft Singles, a focused delve into the realm of alternative rock.

True, it’s guaranteed to sound nothing like you have stumbled across in the rap blogosphere this year, but don’t misconstrue this for some sloppily built remix project. Aleon blends his unique and oft-misunderstood artistic gamma rays with the sounds of acts like Matt And Kim, Deer Hunter and Tame Impala to come up with something very special.

That something is what you’ll have to discover for yourself. Peel back the plastic and grab you a slice. Disappointment is nowhere near on the menu.

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