Stix Izza Feat. Young Rell – “Know By Now”

07.03.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

At least once or twice a week, Stix’ Mars… mixtape comes up in the rotation and I won’t even front. Most times I’ll let the tape roll just so I can get to track 17 with Young Rell. I do a quick endzone dance when I hear “Turn the V.I.P. into the smoking section, that’s word to John Gotty…” even if it’s slightly inaccurate. Stix, Rell and friends are local celebs live behind the velvet rope while I can’t even get into the club half the time because of dress codes so this is the closest I’ll come. Still, I’ve decided that the line’s metaphorically great and, like Christmas gifts, it’s the thought that counts so salute to Rell and long live the fly.

Check out Stix’ full mix as well since you’re already here and interested. He, producer Fate Eastwood and the affiliated braintrust of Crisis, Scoob and Dolewite put together a very solid piece of work and “Know By Now” is a symbolic slice of what’s to be found on the whole.

Stix Izza Feat. Young Rell – “Know By Now”

DownloadStix Izza – Highway 2 Mars Mixtape | Alt. Link

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