tabi Bonney – The Endless Summer

05.19.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

After listening to “Chop Chop” on repeat Tuesday, tabi already had my hard drive space for The Endless Summer. Then I noticed his Twitter retort to a person who claimed not to enjoy his music…

…And knew I was going to give the project a spin.

Bonney’s right. Nodoby dies in his rhymes, even though they very well could if wanted them to. Realistically, you don’t grow up in the DMV area or travel to more treacherous international lands (“Compared to Africa, US thugs are considered cute”) and not witness violence. But that doesn’t mean those experiences have to make up the whole of your worldview. Looking to pick up where 2011’s The Summer Years left off, tabi’s continually expanded his options and offerings with each release.

But that’s not to say he’s leaving the past behind. One of the main components that makes his music so listenable is the chemistry shared with frequent collaborator Ski Beatz, who handles all production duties on Endless… Not to mention that old friends (Curren$y, Murs), new ones (Dee-1) and tabi’s dad and fellow musician, Itadi Bonney, all pop up, too. A lot of pluses forecasting that Endless Summer could last well past the sun shiny days.

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