Terrace Martin & Devi Dev Have More Sex

05.25.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Now I do not know Terrace or Devi so hopefully the title does not offend anybody. It was just too good to ignore. Anyway, the duo’s track record for releasing quality music together is proven with their most recent initiative being this year’s The Sex EP. A slight bit of controversy surrounded its release as well. Kim Kardashian damn near blew her top (no pun intended, ok maybe a tad) upon finding her mammary glands on the cover and attempted to have it removed from every corner of the Internet. Don’t get me wrong because Kim K is a nice piece of eye candy, but for someone who is famous because of a sex tape, going apeshit over a cover just seems all off base. Plus, any press is good press. Maybe she’s like one of those girls who slept around their first two years in college only to “reform” the last two in attempts to shed her former rep. You ain’t got to lie to kick it, Kim. I promise.

Credit to T&D for not getting down in the dumps though. The two come back even stronger with the release of the relevantly titled The Sex EP 2.0: Cease & Desist. All 11 tracks from the original are included with the big difference being the addition of five bonus tracks featuring Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and production from Tha Bizness. Go ahead and allow this to be the soundtrack as you do the things that lovers do. Massa Kardashian can’t touch this one. And even if she does, that just means we’ll get 3.0.

DownloadTerrace Martin & Devi Dev – The Sex EP 2.0: Cease & Desist

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