Tez McClain x Don Cannon – Wishful Thinking: Vol II Mixtape

01.24.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Tez McClain’s an artist who’s still mostly unfamiliar to me, limited to only a few spot listens here and there. As bad as that sounds, let me explain before being crucified for not being up on game. I caught “Jordans & A Gold Chain” just because of the sneaker-reference in the title. But it wasn’t until caught buddy wrecking shop at A3C this past October and his music started clicking for me. About four songs into his set, I turned the host/homie Hustle Simmons and said “who the f*ck is this dude?” Not in the “get this cat off stage” tone but more like “man, he’s murdering his set.”

Since then, I’ve been meaning to check out his material but never got around to it, minus a quick listen to “Two Minutes Of Game” a few days (which was as nice as expected). Today, Tez just dropped Wishful Thinking: Vol II mixtape with Don Cannon so while I don’t know a lot, I’ve heard enough to say he’s definitely worth a listen.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have some Wishful Thinking I’ve been meaning to do.

Tez McClain – “Two Minutes Of Game”

DownloadTez McClain x Don Cannon – Wishful Thinking: Vol. II Mixtape | Alt. Link

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