Theresa Payne – The Moment EP

05.20.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

If you’ve paid attention to the last few releases from folks like Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe and Vandalyzm, you’ve already been initiated to the voice of the radiant Theresa Payne. However, lending her vocal abilities to her rapping pals’ records is only part of her contributions to the scene because her solo material is compelling soul music as well. For evidence, you can stream and/or download her The Moment EP.

It begins with an–I’ll say it–adorable intro featuring her daughter, bounces around through various soothing soundscapes provided by Black Spade, Trifeckta and Adult Fur, and reaches a crescendo at “Hoverboard,” a duet with the aforementioned Rockwell Knuckles (who also executive produced the EP). Just to prove that she’s not a product of studio trickery, she tacks on a couple live bonus tracks at the end, including a cover of Black Spade’s powerful “Runnin, Gunnin.”

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