“Pop In The Grey Cassette…”

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E’rrybody gotta go!

That’s what security was telling people in the VIP about a year ago, when Bun B was about to come on stage (it just so happened that in this particular club, you had to go through VIP to get on stage). Nobody moves. Security gets more aggressive. Still nothing. Security says there’s no Bun performance till people move out. No response. About 30 minutes later, they realize nothing can be done, and Bun decides to come out (with some extra bodyguards).

Photo: NRK P3

As soon as he entered VIP it was like an instant divide. The crowd parted cleaner than that old-school Snoop hairdo. This sh#t was like the second coming of Moses. He was trying to get on stage and we were the f#cking sea that needed to be crossed.

He walked in and the room went silent with occasional whispers and muttering here and there. Such is the aura of one the most established and respected emcees from Port Arthur, Texas. The DJ was playing “Grey Cassette,” quickly cut it as soon as Bun’s verse was finished, after a moment dug back into his older UGK catalog and turned the volume way down. The party atmosphere turned to one of worship and awe instantaneously. As Bun waited for the cue to go on, one by one people approached him and asked for a signature or a picture, and silently he obliged to his fans’ requests (I was guilty of asking him for a picture).

A few minutes later it was time for him to go out and perform his verse from “Uptown.” We followed Moses to stage and watched him proceed to tear the house down. Before he came on, the crowd was rocking, but once his presence was felt, it became something else altogether. Bun literally didn’t have to say a word; his audience recited every bar with him effortlessly. About a minute or two later, as soon as his verse was over, he left stage and that was that. I lingered to hear Drake perform the next song and then I went back to VIP hoping to get one more glimpse of Bun B. But he had left the club already.

Prior to this I had heard some of his material but never really gave it much thought. I had heard his verse on Yahoo’s Houston “Mic Check Pass.” At the time I was really into Chamillionaire and I didn’t really pay attention to his segment. But after this everything changed. His presence alone made me want to go out and find his earlier material and listen to it. I got into UGK, Bun’s solo albums, and the (at the time) upcoming joint UGK For Life. And now, about one year later, I’m not digging into the archives anymore, as Trill O.G. is a regular in the whip and I’m looking forward to the rest of Bun’s career.

Trae Tha Truth Feat. Bun B & Lil’ Keke – “Grey Cassette” | Download

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