Tyga x DJ Ill Will x DJ Rockstar – Black Thoughts 2 Mixtape

04.13.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

From what has been publicized this year, Young Money’s next “build-a-superstar” project appears to be Lil’ Twist. Given Baby, Slim and Weezy’s prior successes, maybe they know something the masses are currently unfamiliar with. It is Tyga, however, who seems like the logical choice for such backing. Admittedly, his Black Thoughts 2 mixtape was anticipated on my personal radar. The strides the young Left Coast MC has taken over the years is noteworthy to say the least, and one that should not go understated.

As you read this, I’m already ten tracks in on the release with “not half bad” serving as my main emotion. The string of impressive leaks should have given me a proper forewarning, but it is always a breath of fresh air when a project comes together full circle and not tease of quality like so many released on a daily basis ultimately amount to. Take away the Lex Luger beats, which represent welcomed pace changers, the vibe of BT2 is overwhemingly mellow, which I think happens to suit him better as a MC in most cases.

Fourteen original tracks with features from Game, Gudda Gudda, Lloyd, Adele and Mario help Tyga weave in and out of topics ranging from lap dances, false friendships and nights ending with drunken sex. In the grand scheme of things, comparing this project to the impacts of say Dedication 2, No Ceilings or So Far Gone would be arbitrary. Still though, there’s promise in Tyga, and that’s one hell of a building block if you’re keeping score in your “Armchair A&R” stat book.

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