Young Dro – I Co-Sign Myself Mixtape

03.18.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

The world’s greatest success stories only happened because they believed in themselves first and foremost. Self-confidence – sometimes confused with cockiness – leads to co-signs. Co-signs lead notoriety. Notoriety then leads fame. And fame leads the fast life which – if this success story is a male – leads to women he has never met willing to do things with their tounges us mere mortals had no clue was realistically possible. Man, I ain’t lyin’.

Anyway, as a high ranking member of the Young Dro fan club, I never received any notice a new mixtape was on the way. Am I mad? Nahh, he probably got high and forgot to send out the memo. Sh*t happens. Plus, it’s free, and who really complains over free music? Grand Hustle’s most descriptive rapper continues the one man journey through colorful Polo’s, loud packs and loose women as he looks to reclaim the mainstream recognition he once had yesteryear. And he’ll do it one co-sign at a time.

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