Young Jeezy Feat. Lil Jon – “Jizzle”

07.20.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

Saying “Jizzle” out loud doesn’t exact breed the purest of thoughts but Young Jeezy wants you to think of it as “Who Dat” on steroids. Spinning both of these records back-to-back may cause an earthquake in some small cities. Shawty Redd on the track, Lil Jon for extra calamity. TM103 on the horizon? Awww skeet skeet!

Go “young’ on ’em 9.28.10. For a chuckle, go to the “Who Dat” video and check out the 2:15 mark. I think I’m Meechie yo!

Young Jeezy Feat. Lil Jon – “Jizzle” | Download

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