Deniro Farrar x Blue Sky Black Death – Cliff of Death EP

12.31.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

With year-end lists already published, and high profile releases few and far between, the last couple weeks of the year tend to end up becoming the period that the music blogosphere forgot. Which means every year a smattering of worthwhile releases inevitably fall through the cracks of the holiday season. One project that deserves a better fate in 2012 is Cliff of Death, the apocalyptic-themed EP from Charlotte MC Deniro Farrar and Seattle production workhorses Blue Sky Black Death.

The Mayan doomsday theory might have been a complete bust, but Cliff of Death has a lot more going for it than its end-of-days subtext. Spanning an economical seven tracks, the project boasts often striking arrangements, with Farrar’s cold drawl tucked deep into the mix of BSBD’s characteristically spacious, ethereal production. And if nothing else, the fateful backdrop to the EP inspires some heavy reflection from Farrar, who humanizes his vivid trap raps with internal tussles about how to best provide for his family. Sonically, BSBD stretch their picturesque sound to interesting places, employing crawling, southern-tinged guitar on “Pain,” and veering into Juicy J-esque haunted house bangers with “Danger” and “Hold Me Down.”

Stream Cliff of Death for free below, and download the project over at Bandcamp.

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