King Chip Ft. Scarface + MJG “If I Die Today” x ‘44108’ Mixtape

09.04.13 4 years ago 11 Comments


King Chip’s been steadily growing, digging deeper to put meaning behind his rhymes. Still, I can’t say I expected him to keep up with the likes of two lyrical legends in Scarface and MJG.

With TrakkSounds and DJ Rapid Ric both behind the boards, the stage is set by a somber, brooding backdrop that’s perfect for Brad Jordan to exorcise his demons and slow enough for MJG to dig in his heels as well (“If I die today, aww fuck just body slam me, Into the dirt, my next concert, just hologram me”). But the surprise here is Chip, who puts down his rhymebook in exchange for his diary. He traces his steps from near death to his resurrection to writing out his final wishes within a verse.

The track’s taken from Chip’s 44108 mixtape, which he describes as “dark” and, based off “Die…”, I’d be compelled to agree. Available for free download below, the project serves as precursor to the Cleveland artist’s debut album Charles Worth.

DownloadKing Chip – 44108 Mixtape

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