Mick Boogie – The Changemakers Mixtape

04.25.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

My name is my name © Frank Lucas

Mick’s upbringing and lifestyle may be slightly different the Frank’s but they still share one important trait. They both value the quality of their name brand and the product that’s associated with it.  Whenever he’s finds the time to create a mixtape, the question isn’t will it be any good?  It’s how long do we have wait for the next one?

Created to coincide with his swoosh sponsored tour of Asia (with the help of FreshnessMag & DailyMTVN),  The Changemakers mixTPE Vol. 6453 has Mick playing tastemaker on the one’s & two’s.  He’s assembled a group of artists he believes are making a positive change on the game.  The names should be familiar if you’ve been around for awhile, plus it’s new music to boot.  That’s change you can believe in.

Download — Mick Boogie – The Changemakers mixTPE Vol. 6453 | Alt. Link

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