Young Dro & DJ Drama – Day Two Mixtape

06.18.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

young dro day 2 mixtape cover

New Young Dro during the summer months will always at least elicit one listen from yours truly in the whip. It’s just an unwritten rule in Hip-Hop I’ve accepted as truth over the years, even as Dro’s output and efficiency have wavered dramatically since 2006.

So feast those mouse pads on Day Two, an 18-track buffet of hopefully all things awesome-Dro equipped with magical colors describing Polos and cars and tongue-twisting rhyme schemes about the women who love a man dressed for a round of golf but yet finds himself in Magic City. Aside from that and a few other topics, that’s all Dro needs to cover. He doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, he doesn’t have to drop songs with messages of societal empowerment (there’s other rappers for that) or anything overly introspective.

Say the most ignorant thoughts that come to mind while dropping a heavy dosage of adjectives. This formula isn’t rocket science. Don’t let me down, Dro. I’ve still got Day One and Best Thang Smokin’ laying around the apartment somewhere.

DownloadYoung Dro & DJ Drama — Day Two Mixtape

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