DPTV: Sneaker Fiends Unite! x Air Yeezy Fiends Video

04.07.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

For those that care, the Air Yeezy’s came out this weekend and people were camped out in select cities across the nation for God knows how long. Dallas Penn went out on Saturday and chopped it up with the sneakerheads standing in line. After watching these guys stand in line, I’ll never let anyone call me a sneaker fiend. These dudes are on a different level. Talking about camping out up to a week for a pair of kicks and using vacation time (what part of the game is that?) for the last Countdown Pack.

Now Dallas Penn knows his shoes too, but I like how he’s lightweight clowning these dudes and they’re just happy to be standing in the rain waiting for these over-hyped shoes. To each their own, but spending a G on kicks and losing a week of your life are not whats up. Nike knows their market though.

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