Dr. Dre Confirms $3 Billion Apple/Beats Deal

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
05.09.14 48 Comments

“The first billionaire in Hip-Hop, right here from the motherf***in’ West Coast, believe it.”

In 1987, if anyone had said, “The guy producing ‘Turn Off The Lights’ for World Class Wreckin’ Cru will one day be a billionaire,” they would’ve been perceived as absolutely bonkers. But Dre did it. And just like that the $3 billion Apple/Beats deal is unofficially confirmed with those words before us.

In recognition of his accomplishment, I petition that we remove the word Detox from the rap communities vocabulary. Or, is it a case where no matter what he does, the album will always be an asterisk beside his name?

Dah, who cares? Dre’s a billionaire, y’all. First, we get a black President and now we have a rap billionaire. Some kid probably stayed up extra late last night pounding out beats on Fruity Loops after hearing the news.

And his celebration, which consisted of hanging out in the studio with Tyrese and F. Gary Gray, was modest. I would’ve flown to the nearest Niketown, had’em close the store down while I walked around butt-naked in socks telling them to give “this shoe, that shoe, ooh and that one, too, in size 13.”

Congratulations, Dre. Not just for the deal but for not turning up too loudly with all that new money.

Update: Forbes contends that Dre may only clock in with a net worth of $800 million after capital gains taxes. Also, community member Thierry Henry pointed out this Guardian article that pretty much says the same. But, when you’re worth riches that high, who’s buggin’ over a hundred million or two?

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