‘Daisy,’ Dr. Dre And Jimmy Iovine’s Spotify-Killer?

03.07.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

For those scoring at home, Dr. Dre has 60 million new reasons to never put out another album. The Hip-Hop-godfather-turned-music-mogul is currently working on a brand-new music streaming service. Code-named “Daisy” and running off of Beats funding, the project can already pencil in $60 million in investments. Dre’s usual partner-in-crime, Jimmy Iovine is heavily involved, as is former Nine Inch Nails creator/constant music industry antagonizer Trent Reznor.

So. Numbers and names are out of the way. What, exactly, can we expect with such a service? What more can be done? Pandora is still pretty f*cking great, as is Spotify. Per The Next Web:

“Not much is still known about project “Daisy”, but [reports] show that it’s a new streaming music project that the company hopes will compete against services like Spotify and Rdio. All Things D’s Peter Kafka said that the new service would be priced around $10 per month and will work with iOS and Android devices.”

Satellite-radio-meets-Spotify? Maybe? Nobody really seems to know at this point, and a quick Google search proves that plenty of people are talking about it. Speculate away, but at the end of the day, there are two absolute truths in this story: Dr. Dre is going to continue lining those already-bulging pockets of his, and Detox is – not that you need to be told this, but still – never, ever, ever, ever coming out.

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