Dr. Dre And Kendrick Lamar Work On Not ‘Detox’ For Beats By Dre Commercial

12.05.13 4 years ago 37 Comments

dr dre kendrick lamar beats by dre commercial

Remember how hyped people got during Game 5 of the NBA Finals when Hov unveiled the curtain on his groundbreaking album and partnership with Samsung? Well, this new commercial for Beats By Dre evokes the same type of feeling. However, instead of a clear-cut project and release date, this extremely well-crafted visual treat is a total audible tease.

The concept features KDot and the Good Doc going back and forth, making changes on a huge new song, which sounds as frantic as it does awesome. Yet, by the time we’ve gotten to hear half the ferocious first verse from K-Dizzle, the commercial is over and we’re supposed to be wanting to buy some portable Bluetooth speaker. But…in all actuality, all we want is a damn album…and he clearly knows it.

Hopefully, the song lands on some project – any project – and wasn’t just put together for sake of promotion. However, given Dre’s track record, we won’t put wasting amazing material past him. All bitterness aside though, this commercial is really quite dope.

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